The property our flying site is located at is owned by
Beckstoffer Vineyards. They have decided to install
a reservoir to water their grapes on the spot where
our runway is currently. They are very gracious to
our club, and we are being provided another
location on the same property for our flying site. It
will only be a few miles away and the work will all be
done this summer. Our buildings, portable toilets,
fences, and everything else will be moved to a
temporary staging area out of the way by about
August 15th so that the construction crews can
come in and do their work. When they have
completed their work, we will relocate all our "stuff"
to the new location. The owners are assisting us in
this move.

In the two drawings below, the drawing on the left
shows the reservoir is where our flying site currently
is located. The drawing on the right shows an area
marked off where we hope to relocate our field. As
more details become available, the information will
be posted.
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This construction crew is not wasting any time!  
Photo by Dee Tatum June 14, 2009.
Where have the trailer, barn, and shed gone???
The view under the shelter. Quite a few tables have been
removed so far. Photo June 14, 2009 by Dee Tatum.
and growing!. Photo June 14, 2009 by Dee Tatum.
Plans for the reservoir are coming along so well that July 1st is the new deadline for having all our "stuff" moved to the temporary
staging area. As of June 14th, the following work has been done. Doug Bradford has cleared and rough graded a temporary
storage area that is out of the way of the planned construction. The trailer, barn, and shed have been moved to the temporary
storage area, along with an assortment of benches, tables, poles, and flight line fencing.

June 23: The portable toilets will be pumped out and moved to the temporary storage area by Adams Family Pots. Jack Tatum will
then lock them, and they will not be available for use until they are relocated to the new field area.

June 26: American Carports will disassemble the shelter and move it to the temporary storage area.

Before July 1, remove all remaining benches, tables, carpeting, fences, poles, etc. from the current area to the temporary storage
area. The construction work to be done by the contractor should take about two months. After construction is complete, we can
relocate all our "stuff" to the new area.
Chesley Meadows Field. Our flying site as we knew it is history!
September 2, 2009. These two photos showing an update
on our field progress, were taken by Jay Carey.
Here are update photos taken on September 9,
2009 by Jay Carey. Jay's email stated: "Berm is
almost to the top. If you can see little blue flags on
pipeway excavation soon."
September 16, 2009, Jay Carey took some more photos of what used to be our flying site. Jay's comments are as follows: "The first picture was taken from
the middle of the new runway. Notice, lotsa room and few big trees. Little scrub trees will be history."
Looking at the new berm, again from the middle of the new runway.
Taken from the middle of the new runway looking west.
Looking the opposite direction.
berm is at full height They are starting to grade and line the inner face. Mostly they are at final depth, except for some liner material
stockpile in the center. This is a BIG POND, and DEEP. Some of the pics show the depth, if you note that the trucks and scrapers are
12' high each.
October 9, 2009. Jay Carey and a small crew of club members staked out a new 900-foot runway. The picture on the left is looking
straight down the center of the runway, and the five big scrub oaks have been added to the demolition list. The picture on the right is
angled toward the berm. Our shelter and stuff will be about half way to the berm.
October 28, 2009. Work has begun on our new runway. Yippeeeee!!! In his email
containing the three photos posted here, Jay said that a big collective sigh of relief is in order.
Carey, Photographer,  
October 28, 2009
Looking west, note the trees are gone, but our stakes are
still in place. Jay Carey, Photographer, October 28, 2009.
Looking east, scraper working the northeast side.
Jay Carey, Photographer, October 28, 2009.
Doug Moore is the first pilot to use the new runway at Chesley Meadows.
Feb 10, 2010
Standing at the northwest corner of the runway looking toward the field cover,
notice the large lake over on the right hand side, which needs to be filled in.
got stuck trying to grade a soggy field.
March 18, 2010 Update:
Work to relocate the field is complete. Equipment and structures need to be put into place. There is still lots of work ahead, but the relocation is basically accomplished.