The photos below were sent to Jack Tatum in an email from Scott Drew on February 3,
2009. The top photo was taken in January of this year and the bottom two of Wildrose Camp
were taken last year. In part, Scott describes his adventure in Death Valley:

Good morning!

We're doing find down here in Death Valley, enjoying some really nice weather. In fact, TOO
nice I am afraid. Like you up in the north part of the State, the south part of the State is also
way down on winter rainfall.

While these 80+ degree days are very pleasant for the first part of February, I am afraid that
we will pay for them later on this summer...

We have just about two weeks left here down in the Valley proper, before we move up to our
camp at Wildrose. We have been staying very busy, trying to get two months of work done in
just one month down here. Our own fault of course!

We are looking forward to moving up to Wildrose, as the pace is much more relaxed, and the
area much less crowded. So we are looking forward to that.

It will still be a bit chilly up there, as it is at 4200 feet elevation, but our heater works well, and
our outside wood stove works well in keeping the chill driven off when we sit outside in the
evenings. We have a good stock of firewood stored from years past, so we are all set.

There is no commercial power at our site, so we use our Honda generator to provide what
power we need. End up running it a couple of hours in the morning, and then three or four in
the evening. On rainy days a bit more, as we are stuck inside the trailer, and either watch a
movie, or do stuff on the computer.

One of these years I need to get a plane like yours Jack, I can't remember the name of it, but
that electric high-wing model that you have let me fly on occasion. That would be a perfect
airplane for flying at Wildrose. The traffic is so seldom that I could use the paved road as a
runway. Able to see a long way both directions to coordinate a landing with other vehicles
sharing the road. Was that airplane a Seniorita, or something like that??

Seems that Sandee had them for sale. One of these days...SOON!!

I'll attach a couple of photos, one of our camp at Wildrose. Yes, a bit either love
the high desert, or you HATE it! We happen to love it!

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