Warbirds Over Madera March 20, 2010 Event Report
E-Mail Sunday March 21, 2010 from Lee Beery:

Yesterday, Saturday, Doctor Paul, my dentist, friend, RC plane
test pilot, flew me to Madera to check out the War Birds. I say
he flew me because he did the flying and paid for the gas.  It
was shirt sleeve weather but for our trip the visibility was about
10 miles under thick high clouds.

We can't say enough for their flying site as it is wide open with
the smoothest runway I've ever seen. It's at least 200' and
3000' long. It was a very relaxed event ; no fences, no badges,
and I don't think they charged anything, either. We parked the
Varga just beyond the pit area and walked in. They were very
gracious hosts and gave us free run of the pit and access to
the flight line. No major incidents, just a gear up landing or two
to keep things interesting.

We saw some real beautiful airplanes. The one that got my
attention was an electric P-47 that had a sound system that
duplicated engine start-up, idle, full power, complete with a
clanky shut-down, just like the real thing. There were 6
"Hawks" flying, 4 at one time. The P 47 had the sound system.
The Tiger really put on a show. I was delighted to have Paul
with me for the day.

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