February 13, 2011. After the work project on the 9th, some members came out on
Sunday to check out the newly renovated runway. The photo below shows Mike
Giancaspro and Jack Tatum both boring holes in the sky! Both photos below show
what a great job the work crew did. Check out the
Runway Work Project for those
photos. Photos by Dee Tatum  February 13, 2011.
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combo--the fuselage is an old
Carl Goldberg Falcon, and
the wing is a Telemaster  A
Magnum .25 powers this
plane that Jack has named
the Don Kenyon in honor of
the builder of the fuselage.
Doug Moore's newest is a
60-size P51. This beauty hasn't
Below: Doug Moore getting his new P-51 ready
for a maiden flight. Right: Coming in for a landing.
Photos taken May 11, 2011 by Jack Tatum.
A J Carlson is a friend and fellow modeler from Utah. He enjoys visiting and flying at
our field when he comes to California. Photos taken June 25, 2011 by Jack Tatum.
July 4, 2011. A J Carlson emailed these
photos to Jack Tatum. A J took these photos
June 25, 2011 while visiting from Utah.
Jack Tatum is using an FPV
system that Dan Jones has
installed on one of his airplanes.
This allows Jack to fly the plane
from inside the cockpit. Looks like
he's having lots of fun. Dan can
re-take control of the plane at any
time that Jack gets into trouble.  
Dan Jones visited our field July 3,
2011. He grew up in Lake County
before moving to the Sacramento
valley. He was a SAM 74 member
as a teenager where he learned to
fly. Photo by Dee Tatum July 3,
Wicks with his new electric
ducted fan jet had a great
first flight right out of the
box. Photo by Dee Tatum.
Doug Bradford's Nitro Planes P-40 had a sad ending after it crashed into one of the
who came out Sunday, October 23, 2011, to meet and fly with other
modelers at Chesley Meadows. Photo by Jack Tatum.
November 13, 2011. Richard Bachman shown here with his new Super