From an Email sent Monday, January 17, 2011 8:48 PM
Subject: Today's flying...

Good day today...both Ryan and I came back with the same
number of pieces we went out with...ALWAYS a good sign in
RC flying!!

Jack, I got two good flights in with the CAP. But after the
second flight I noticed that both ailerons had come loose from
their hinges, so I stopped flying for the day. I will disconnect
them from the servo, and drip a drop of CA on each hinge to
re-bond them before flying it again. It flew very well though, at
190 feet BELOW sea level, in that nice heavy air. Beautiful
day here today, maybe a knot or two of wind on the nose, just
a dandy day. I had all of my batteries charged, but had to
stop after two flights. We are planning on going out again
next week.

Where we fly is at the Park mixing table, an area where they
park their heavy equipment that has some paved areas for a
short take off, and a bit tight landing area, but doable with an
electric. I wouldn't want to try it with one of my gas planes! Not
enough run out to slow them down.

Ryan had his Beaver out today, and had two good flights on
it. He also brought the wing out, but forgot to bring the Velcro
to mount the receiver and battery, so we'll have to test fly that
next time.

Fred, use these photos as you desire in the newsletter.

Like I said earlier, a good day here in The Valley Of Death!
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