Nathan Williams and Alex White are two students that Paul
Biehler taught to fly as part of their senior project for high
school. Both of these young men performed their solo flights
on April 15th. Sunday, April 22, 2012 we had a ceremony to
award them their Certificates of Solo and wings. Check the
video by Doug Moore "
Getting Their Wings".  Photos by Dee
Alex White and Paul Biehler, flight instructor. Alex plans to
enlist in the Marines upon graduation this year.
Nathan Williams with Paul
Biehler. Upon graduation in
June, Nathan has plans to
enlist in the Navy following in
his father's footsteps.
Alex and Nathan with Paul.
Glen Widman,
President of Clearlake
Modelers, and Jack
Conrad, our newest
member. Photo by Dee
Tatum April 22, 2012.
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Andy Bandy donated several place
he works was replacing them so he
Andy! Now notice the "stop" on the
edge of the table. Paul Biehler,
master woodworker, added those to
keep planes from sliding off!
Thanks, Paul! Photo by Dee Tatum
September 23, 2012.
which is shown in the photo below. Photo taken
September 23, 2012 by Dee Tatum.
Steve is enjoying the use
of the helicopter area as
well.  Photo by Dee Tatum
September 30, 2012.
These two photos show Scott and Jack feverishly working
on Jack's Hawk. Photo September 23 by Dee Tatum.
The Hawk did not want to cooperate, were
not successful on this day. So it's back
home for more work on this little bird. Photo
by Dee Tatum September 23, 2012.
The helicopter area is seeing lots of activity since it has been set up.  Evelyn, Steve, Don and Jim
seem to be enjoying the day in the next two pictures. Photo by Dee Tatum September 30, 2012.
Paul showing off his new
ME-262, the world's first
fighter jet. He brought it out
for a first flight. Photo by Dee
Tatum September 30, 2012.
That's moving! Photo by