Saturday, August 25, 2012, was a great day for our Fun Fly. Jack and Scott both put in lots
of time and effort preparing for this event. All their work made the entire day lots of fun! Jack
donated the use of his PA system for announcers and great background music all day. Scott
and Wendy Drew showed off their culinary talents--the food was terrific! Everyone's efforts
are truly appreciated!  The photos on this page were taken by Scott Drew and Jack Conrad.
Without their photographic skills this page would not be possible.
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Morning Set Up getting under way. Photo by Scott Drew.
finished. Photo
Hand Washing Station. Photo by Scott Drew.
a much needed break! Photo by Scott Drew.
The pitts are starting to look full. Photo by Scott Drew.
Folks are starting to arrive. Photo by Scott Drew.
Richard is heading out to the starting
The Sail Plane Shack. Doug and Brian are
getting ready for the day. Photo by Scott Drew
Tom and his quad copter. Photo by Scott Drew.
Photo by Jack Conrad.
Some of the folks in attendance and more planes
from a different angle. Photo by Jack Conrad.
nitro to electric. Photo by Jack Conrad.
close to that dust devil! Photo by Jack Conrad.