Article written by and submitted to AMA for possible publication by Rick Munroe
On October 23rd, Doug Bradford, Tom Inderkum and
Richard Bachman, of the Clearlake Modelers Club in Lake
County, CA, were guest lecturers to Mr. Ken Hook’s
Physics Class at Clear Lake High School in Lakeport, CA.
The lecture was about the physics of flight. Doug took his
big biplane to use for demonstration purposes showing and
explaining how the plane responds to the various control
surface movements. Following the lecture, on November
8th, the entire class was invited to the Jay Carey Memorial
Field of the Clearlake Modelers for the 3rd Annual
Students’ Day.  

Festivities included the opportunity for each student, and
the one parent, to fly on a buddy box with a club instructor,
Paul Biehler, Scot Drew or Jack Tatum. Most of the 10
students who showed up availed themselves of that
opportunity at least once; a couple showed real potential.
Additional activities included an explanation and
demonstration of helicopter flight by Scott Drew. Tom
Inderkum flew his FPV plane and the display was passed
around so everyone could enjoy the experience. It was fun
watching the heads move about trying to correct for the
angle of the plane. Paul Vartabedian wowed everyone with
his EDF jets and Doug flew the big biplane to prove that it
was a working model. Other club members also flew,
demonstrating different planes, aerobatic maneuvers and
landing skills. I am happy to say, there were no
embarrassing crashes while the students were present.

As stated, this is the 3rd year the club has sponsored this
activity. In prior years a few students have continued on
and gotten their RC Wings. Often times coordinating the
process with their Senior Project. We’re still waiting to see
what this year brings while looking forward to next year’s.
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Clear Lake High School
physics class students at
Jay Carey field for flight
hands-on experience.
Photo by Scott Drew.
Clearlake High School 2014 physics class participants. Photo by Scott Drew.
who is getting a little time
on the buddy box.
Photo by Rick Munroe.
One of the students enjoying the day. Photo by Scott Drew.
A student who's
enjoying her time at
the field. Photo by
Scott Drew.
really enjoy the FPV
experience. There are
their turn. The FPV was
apparently a big hit!
Photo by Rick Munroe.
boring holes in the