Photographs by Scott and Wendy Drew
The annual Clearlake Modelers Christmas dinner was held at the Clearlake Keys Club in
Clearlake Oaks on Saturday, December 13, 2014. It was a good party and everyone had a
great time! Scott and Wendy took marvelous photos of the event!
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The 4H group explaining what their program is all about.
A 4H server is tending to her table.
Our 4H servers and the kitchen staff.
Dennis Locke looks happy as he wins a set of plans.
Don Smith wins an E and H Hobby Enterprises gift certificate.
Don Smith wins an electric ducted fan aircraft.
Jack Tatum wins a gift certificate from Model Airplane Products.
Jack Tatum wins an electric Slow Stick.
Jim and Evelyn enjoying their meal.
Karole Inderkum seems happy to have won the cutting board.
Lorrie presents Merrill  with a Lake County Hunger Task Force fresh fruit basket.
As people begin arriving, notice the planes being displayed from the ceiling.
More folks arrive and a view of more planes on display.
President, Doug Bradford, visiting with Don and Mary before dinner.
President, Doug Bradford presenting the 4H group with tips earned from table serving.
President, Doug Bradford, presents certificates for work on the Electricity/Water Project.
The Raffle Table models on display.
Rasma and Mars  along with Jim and Evelyn are enjoying their dinner.
Scott presents gift certificate to Lorrie.
Scott presents a gift certificate to Doug Bradford.
Scott present Jack and Dee with a dinner gift card for their 20 years of service.
Scott presents the cutting board hand crafted by Paul Biehler to Karole.
Sharon Munroe opening the gift certificate she won.
Tall Paul (or maybe Merrill!) wins a foam biplane.