The work to lay the electrical and water pipes from
Beckstoffer's reservoir to our field was accomplished on
October 10, 2014. The electricity was not hooked up until
January 10, 2015!

The members who helped with this project are:

    Andy Bandy
    Richard Bachman
    Paul Biehler
    Doug Bradford (provided small ditch digger)
    Jack Conrad
    Scott Drew
    Wendy Drew (Kitchen staff)
    Steve Feuerbacher
    Tom Inderkum (provided tractor with bucket)
    Dennis Locke
    Helen Locke (Kitchen Staff)
    Walt Lyon (transport heavy equipment)
    Tom Overton
    Duane Sanders
    Don Smith
    Paul Vartabedian
    Jack West
    Glen Widman

This two-day project would not have been so successful
without the hard work of the members who volunteered.
Scott and Wendy Drew, along with Helen Lock, were
responsible for feeding all those hungry modelers.

Enjoy the photos taken by Scott and Wendy Drew.
A Page of Useful Links
Doug, Tom, and Sandy setting up Doug's ditch witch.
Scott and Tom running the ditch witch.
Don, Dennis, and Doug using Doug's ditch witch.
Tom I. running the large ditch witch.
Richard and Steve cleaning the ditch behind the digger.
Glen cleaning the ditch.
Jack W. and Sandy discussing a point..
Richard cleaning the ditch.
Tom I. and Richard enjoying the project.
Andy, Tom I., Jack W. and Dennis digging under the pit wall.
Andy and Dennis digging under the pit wall.
Dennis setting up the connection box.
Jack W and Andy hauling pipe.
Andy and Jack W. laying out the pipe.
Andy gluing pipe.
The completed upper ditch.
Doug and Don finishing the upper ditch.
Doug, Don, and Dennis finishing the upper ditch.
Tom I., Richard, Steve, Scott, and Jack W. finishing the upper ditch.
Tom I., Sandy, and Tom O. gluing pipe.
Dennis' wife, Helen, setting up for the meal.
The Grillmaster!
The workers enjoying lunch.
Dr. Paul and Doug finishing the road crossing.
The finished upper ditch.
The water will only be used for watering the field.
It is not intended for drinking.