March 18, 2015 Work Party
Installing New Frequency Pin & Microwave Cabinet
A bunch of the boys got together today and installed our new frequency cabinet. As you can
see, there is a lot more room in this new cabinet compared to our old one! In fact, if we were to
cut a couple of holes in the lower shelf and place a couple of buckets under those holes, well
this cabinet is large enough to double as a “two holer”!!

We still need to decide just what we want to do to finish the frequency board. Do we need slots
for AMA or Club ID cards by each pin like we used to do, just what do we need.

And we still have to install the hold opens on the two doors. Dennis is going to pick up some
hardware today and we’ll install it next time we are out. We removed the piece of bulletin board
from the back of our old cabinet and will install it on the outside back of this new cabinet, then
Richard will paint it. We put the AMA safety documents as well as our club flying site rules along
with the local hospital telephone numbers on that board as per AMA requirements for flying
sites. Dennis will pick up a small white board that we can install on the inside of one of the
doors, to write down important things that happen that others need to be aware of…like, “I killed
a big rattlesnake today over by the heliport….” Or, “Heard some shooting up by Mt. Konocti
early this morning.” Whatever happens that others should know.

Rick hauled the old cabinet off to the dump.

The plan for electricity would be for Sandy to install a four plex outlet box similar to what he did
in the other cabinet on a separate circuit from those. So we shouldn’t have any issues with
running the microwave oven while people are charging at the other battery charging cabinet.

I will be bringing out a “Lost and Found” clear plastic container for that use.

Rick built all of the shelving in his shop at home, then transported the shelves to Richard for

Narrative by Scott Drew.
Photos by Dennis Locke & Scott Drew with Scott's camera.
The work crew today consisted of:
Lead Planner Rick Munroe
Lead Painter Richard Bachman
Handyman Don Wicks
Handyman Ilmars Krasts
Handyman Glen Widman
Photographer Dennis Locke
Tool Room Scott Drew
Richard & Don
leveling the site.
Don & Rick
installing the
U bolts
Out with the old.
May it Rest in Peace.
Here's the cabinet, ready for shelves, microwave and ....
Rick and Scott
installing U bolts
Scott cutting off
the excess U bolts.
Friends that ????
together stay together!
The finished cabinet waiting for electricity.
Many thanks to all who made this possible!!!